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leadership trainings?

We've left them in the past.

Enter, modern leadership training for the next generation of managers.

Looking for outdated materials and boring lectures? You won’t find them here.

We've refreshed the learning experience for first-time managers. How? By offering programs that resonate with today’s challenges.

Elevate your skills, define your leadership style, and lead with confidence.

Refreshingly modern

Our content and approach are curated for the here and now, ensuring relevance and immediate application.

Laughing at coffee break.

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Tailored programs catering to the distinct needs of first-time managers.

Interactive and engaging

Say goodbye to tedious lectures. Embrace hands-on workshops, real-world scenarios, and gamified learning experiences.

Some of our programs...

Leadership Essentials

Guiding individuals and teams towards success with clarity, empathy, and resilience.

Dynamic Coaching Sessions

Elevate your team’s potential with personalised coaching sessions designed to ignite growth and foster resilience.

Confident Presenting

Harness impactful communication, captivating your audience with poise, clarity, and charisma.

I was lucky to be in one of the Expedia Group New Manager Journeys hosted by Alex years ago and can only say it was inspiring and defintely helpful as a leader to help build a great team culture.

Barbara Akkermans


The legend is back!

Hands down, the

best corporate trainer I’ve personally had

in my life .

Mario Stubbs

The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka

If you or your organization

are in need for coaching, mentoring or training on leadership / people management make sure

you reach out to LiftUp Leadership and Alex Dugdale an amazing coach and mentor!

Cem Cetin

The Hotels Network

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